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Welcome to – your source for CAD blocks of all structural steelwork sections currently manufactured and supplied throughout Europe! For maximum compatibility - all our steel shapes are in millimetres and are supplied in AutoCAD 2000 format. Our data is presented in intelligent tables that can be sorted according to any property. Simply find the section you need, download and insert into your AutoCAD drawing!

Instant access to currently manufactured structural steelwork shapes is all about improving workflow efficiency. Produce more with less effort and actually improve quality in the process. If you’re producing a drawing that specifies European steelwork – you will find the CAD block here!

Our AutoCAD files are completely free of unnecessary layers, text styles or anything else. We don’t need your email address and there is no registration process. All of our 1463 steel CAD blocks are available for immediate download – absolutely free!

You can now download all the CAD data at this website in one easy zip file! Our data is available for purchase as AutoCAD Design Center files or individual AutoCAD files. Visit our Shop for more information!

Welcome again to – we hope the website is useful to you.

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