SHS - Square Hollow Sections (Cold Formed)

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Section Reference Depth and Width of Section Thickness Mass per Metre
(Click on link to download) B
CFSHS 25x25x2,0252,01,4
CFSHS 25x25x2,5252,51,6
CFSHS 30x30x2,0302,01,7
CFSHS 30x30x2,5302,52,0
CFSHS 30x30x3,0303,02,4
CFSHS 40x40x2,0402,02,3
CFSHS 40x40x2,5402,52,8
CFSHS 40x40x3,0403,03,3
CFSHS 40x40x4,0404,04,2
CFSHS 50x50x2,5502,53,6
CFSHS 50x50x3,0503,04,3
CFSHS 50x50x4,0504,05,5
CFSHS 50x50x5,0505,06,6
CFSHS 60x60x3,0603,05,2
CFSHS 60x60x4,0604,06,7
CFSHS 60x60x5,0605,08,1
CFSHS 60x60x6,0606,09,5
CFSHS 70x70x3,0703,06,1
CFSHS 70x70x3,5703,57,1
CFSHS 70x70x4,0704,08,0
CFSHS 70x70x5,0705,09,7
CFSHS 70x70x6,0706,011,3
CFSHS 80x80x3,0803,07,1
CFSHS 80x80x3,5803,58,2
CFSHS 80x80x4,0804,09,2
CFSHS 80x80x5,0805,011,3
CFSHS 80x80x6,0806,013,2
CFSHS 90x90x3,0903,08,0
CFSHS 90x90x3,5903,59,3
CFSHS 90x90x4,0904,010,5
CFSHS 90x90x5,0905,012,8
CFSHS 90x90x6,0906,015,1
CFSHS 100x100x3,01003,09,0
CFSHS 100x100x4,01004,011,7
CFSHS 100x100x5,01005,014,4
CFSHS 100x100x6,01006,017,0
CFSHS 100x100x8,01008,021,4
CFSHS 120x120x3,01203,010,8
CFSHS 120x120x4,01204,014,2
CFSHS 120x120x5,01205,017,5
CFSHS 120x120x6,01206,020,7
CFSHS 120x120x8,01208,026,4
CFSHS 120x120x10,012010,031,8
CFSHS 140x140x4,01404,016,8
CFSHS 140x140x5,01405,020,7
CFSHS 140x140x6,01406,024,5
CFSHS 140x140x8,01408,031,4
CFSHS 140x140x10,014010,038,1
CFSHS 150x150x4,01504,018,0
CFSHS 150x150x5,01505,022,3
CFSHS 150x150x6,01506,026,4
CFSHS 150x150x8,01508,033,9
CFSHS 150x150x10,015010,041,3
CFSHS 160x160x4,01604,019,3
CFSHS 160x160x5,01605,023,8
CFSHS 160x160x6,01606,028,3
CFSHS 160x160x8,01608,036,5
CFSHS 160x160x10,016010,044,4
CFSHS 180x180x5,01805,027,0
CFSHS 180x180x6,01806,032,1
CFSHS 180x180x6,31806,333,3
CFSHS 180x180x8,01808,041,5
CFSHS 180x180x10,018010,050,7
CFSHS 180x180x12,018012,058,5
CFSHS 180x180x12,518012,560,5
CFSHS 200x200x5,02005,030,1
CFSHS 200x200x6,02006,035,8
CFSHS 200x200x6,32006,337,2
CFSHS 200x200x8,02008,046,5
CFSHS 200x200x10,020010,057,0
CFSHS 200x200x12,020012,066,0
CFSHS 200x200x12,520012,568,3
CFSHS 250x250x6,02506,045,2
CFSHS 250x250x6,32506,347,1
CFSHS 250x250x8,02508,059,1
CFSHS 250x250x10,025010,072,7
CFSHS 250x250x12,025012,084,8
CFSHS 250x250x12,525012,588,0
CFSHS 300x300x6,03006,054,7
CFSHS 300x300x6,33006,357,0
CFSHS 300x300x8,03008,071,6
CFSHS 300x300x10,030010,088,4
CFSHS 300x300x12,030012,0104,0
CFSHS 300x300x12,530012,5108,0
CFSHS 350x350x6,03506,064,1
CFSHS 350x350x6,33506,366,9
CFSHS 350x350x8,03508,084,2
CFSHS 350x350x10,035010,0104,0
CFSHS 350x350x12,035012,0123,0
CFSHS 350x350x12,535012,5127,0
CFSHS 400x400x6,04006,073,5
CFSHS 400x400x6,34006,376,8
CFSHS 400x400x8,04008,096,7
CFSHS 400x400x10,040010,0120,0
CFSHS 400x400x12,040012,0141,0
CFSHS 400x400x12,540012,5147,0